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2014 Sentosa Ukulele Festival    2015 Sentosa Ukulele Festival   2016 Sentosa Ukulele Festival 

Sentosa Ukulele Festival 2014 — 2016

The Sentosa Ukulele Festival was Singapore's only ukulele festival. Held yearly on Palawan Beach in Sentosa, it brought thousands of ukulele lovers to the Island of Fun for music, fun and food. Sadly, the festival has come to an end due to a change of management.

The free event meant anyone can come and enjoy free performances by world-class ukulele players such as James Hill and Ann Janelle (CAN), Sungha Jung (KOR), and 6-time GRAMMY AWARD WINNER Daniel Ho (USA); as well as local and asian artists such as Sydney (THA) Jack & Rai (SIN), Jukuleles (SIN), Tay Kewei (SIN) and our very own Ukes Avenue (SIN).

Apart from the sun, sea, beach and ukulele music, as event partners, UKULELE MOVEMENT also organised free ukulele workshops, free ukulele prizes, and giveaways for the event.

David Chen Workshop

David Chen Two-finger Style Workshop & Performance

Known for his unique "Two-finger" style of playing the ukulele, David Chen from Taiwan, held a workshop and mini performance in an intimate auditorium for 100 guests.

He taught the intricacies of using the thumb and index finger to play the melody and accompanying chord at the same time, essentially playing chord-melody instrumental.

Chen will be back in Singapore in 2017 to conduct another ukulele clinic and performance. If you are interested in attending, please join our Facebook page for updates.

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James Hill Workshop

Choice Cuts of Chords Workshop by James Hill   

UKULELE MOVEMENT presents an intermediate/advanced workshop by James Hill. "Choice Cuts of Chords" aims to demystify the complexities of chords–knowing your chords inside out, knowing each note in your chords on a 'first-name basis'. This workshop (taught by a vegetarian, no less) teaches you to see chords the way a butcher sees a cow: you gotta know the choice cuts. Sound weird and esoteric? It is! But once you get the hang of it you'll use it every single day of your life.

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Uke GOT TALENT is an ukulele open-mic created for amateur ukulele players to perform on stage in a public setting such as a cafe or bar.

This free platform is a way for ukulele players, groups, bands, and students to showcase their skills and love for the instrument.

Originally held quarterly, the event is now in it's 8th year and held annually.

Pease like our Facebook page here to be updated on our future events.