President of Taiwan International Ukulele Association

Education Background
- Music Technology in York University in UK
- Distributed Multimedia in Leeds University in UK

Published Books
-        24 Ukulele Lessons for the Beginner
-        Hawaiian Two – Finger Style
-        Strumming Ukulele and learn English (For Kids)

Performance & Workshops & Other experience
-        The First Ukulele Player Performed in “Shangahi Concert Hall” and “ShenZhen Concert Hall”.
-        Concerts and Workshops in Hawaii / China / Korea / Japan / Malaysia / Hong Kong / Macau
-        The Host of Taiwan Ukulele Festival
-        The Host of Shanghai Ukulele Festival
-        The Judge of Korea Ukulele Contest
-        The Judge of Taiwan Ukulele Certification
-        Ukulele Lecture in National Normal Taiwan University

How it started
9 Years ago (2008), David Chen was an engineer. After being an engineer for nearly 10 years, he had lost his passion in work. He prayed to God to give him a job which can bring his passion back. One month later; a doctor asked David whether he is interested in doing music therapy. David liked the idea of working with people with autism. He starting looking for an instrument which can be played easily and sing along to. Finally he found ukulele.

Excerpt from David:

The Ukulele – A gift from God

One of the very special cases in the music therapy is that I worked with was a boy aged 4, who was slightly autistic. Whenever he holds ukulele, he just moves his body and keeps singing, his mother came to me with tears at the end of the course, and said “My son was not able to speak but she heard his singing”.

After working with the ukulele for a while, I firmly believe that the ukulele has the power of healing because many kids’ have become happier, more confident due to playing ukulele. After working as a part-time ukulele teacher and music therapist for one more year, I decided to quit my engineering job and became as a full time ukulele teacher. After one year, I released my first ukulele tutor book which became the first ukulele book in Taiwan and China.

Going to Hawaii to learn ukulele
In order to learn more about the ukulele, I decided to go to Hawaii every year. I have attended most of the ukulele activities such as ukulele festival, ukulele picnic, and also tried to find good ukulele teachers. Gradually, I made many ukulele friends in Hawaii. In March of 2012, I met Kimo Hussey in the Hawaii Ukulele Picnic. I was attracted to his unique two-finger style playing technique so I went to him to learn and he became my ukulele mentor.

In the same year, I invited Kimo to come to Taiwan to attend the Taiwan ukulele Festival and also conduct 5 workshops around Taiwan. More than 600 people attended Kimo’s workshop and the two-finger style became a special technique that ukulele lovers are going after.

I have been following Kimo to different countries such as Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Korea to learn the teaching methodology and also consult with him. It helped develop my ukulele career, and I can see how it helped in Taiwan and also in China.

Taiwan Ukulele Festival
So far, we have held 8 Taiwan Ukulele Festivals. The event grows each year and the festival became more international. There were players from Hawaii, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and etc.

Ukulele has changed people’s lives
In the past 9 years, with the help from Kimo, we have trained hundreds of teachers and thousands of students in Taiwan and China. We also went to the mountains and jail to teach the under-privileged people. We saw a lot of positive changes in them, they became happier and more confident. I feel so blessed to discover the ukulele and have a good mentor like Kimo, I will continue to promote the ukulele for my whole life as it can give people happiness.

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