As a relative newcomer in the world of ukulele, and determined to be a spirited ukulele brand with emphasis on creation and innovation, Leho Ukulele aims to create each ukulele series with it's own unique characteristics.

Leho means "seashell" in Hawaiian. Inspired by the beauty of the seashell, all Leho ukuleles are built with an arched back which projects the most elegant and wonderful sounds, just like a seashell. On a more technical note, the tonewoods used have been kept in the best environment possible for maturing where the relative environmental temperature and humidity are carefully controlled, yielding tonewoods that are more stable and using innovative construction methods to prevent defects from developing in the process.

Equipped with highly technical and advanced equipment, Leho's large R&D and production team is capable of producing the best valued and technically perfect instrument for your enjoyment. 

UKULELE MOVEMENT is an exclusive distributor for Leho Ukulele in Singapore and Malaysia.

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